Cross Keys Bank

Cross Keys Bank trusts Apiture as their mobile-first partner.

About Cross Keys Bank


Cross Keys was founded in 1902 and serves individuals and businesses in northern Louisiana. Their mission is “To help our customers succeed – by their success, we succeed.” It is a mission that has allowed the bank to continue to grow their customer base over the years. Sherry Darnell is the AVP of eBanking at Cross Keys and has spent the majority of the last thirty years serving the banking industry. “Over the last ten years, I’ve watched banking become a very fluid practice,” Sherry said, “consumers expect a unified experience across all channels – in-person and digital – so we’re constantly discovering new ways to improve that experience.”

In 2020, the bank had the opportunity to expand their digital customer base of over 5,000 when they quickly adapted to service their business customers who had received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When other local banks were unable to keep up, Cross Keys expanded their reach to bring on even more business customers who needed their help. Now, the bank is actively working to convert those business accounts to include personal checking accounts as well. Sherry said, “It’s great to see customers who we were able to help with PPP loans now trust Cross Keys with their personal banking as well.”

Mobile Experience

Over the next one to three years, the team at Cross Keys will be focused on creating a true mobile-first experience. “I have a whiteboard in my office where I’ve written ‘mobile-first’,” Sherry said, “That’s where I want to go with everything that we do at the bank, focusing on how we can build a better experience for our customers, starting with mobile.”

That’s why in 2020 when Apiture announced the launch of a new mobile banking experience for their digital banking clients, Cross Keys was excited for the change. The new mobile experience included a fresh and modern design, built based on feedback from real consumers. It also included enhanced capabilities so institutions utilizing the application can make changes quickly and easily with additional reporting options.

Cross Keys launched the new mobile banking experience from Apiture in June 2020. While the bank admits that some customers are hesitant to change, so far they have received great feedback on the new functionality of the mobile application. “We love the new design,” Sherry said, “but I am personally most looking forward to the additional control that we’ll have now that the platform is owned by Apiture. I think we’ll really recognize those benefits over the next few years.”

Customer Support

Cross Keys has relied on Apiture for over 16 years. During that time they’ve seen the growth and change of the Apiture product suite, but also have been most impressed with the customer service they’ve received. Whether it be through the bank’s dedicated customer success manager, the quarterly webinars hosted by Apiture’s product team, or the direct access to the leadership team at Apiture, the team at Cross Keys feels consistently supported through their journey.

“My customer success manager (CSM) has taken the time to get to know me and my expectations. When I have a question or issue, I can always get my CSM, or even an upper manager at Apiture team, on the phone.” Sherry said, “And they don’t dodge the question. The team listens, takes feedback and really works to improve.”


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