Digital Account Opening

Drive Deposits with Digital Account Opening

Bank and credit union clients using the Apiture Digital Banking Platform can meet consumers and businesses where they are – online – with a comprehensive digital account opening solution for establishing and funding new checking, savings, money market, or certificate of deposit (CD) accounts.

Our solution facilitates the account opening process from end-to-end, including:

  • Identity verification and screening
  • Evaluation of customer and/or business via KYC questions
  • Account funding and external account verification
  • Administrative tool to review and adjudicate applications
  • Integration to core to create users and accounts instantly

Fuel Growth Digitally

Clients using Apiture’s Consumer or Business Banking solution can drive organic growth with our Digital Account Opening solution. With this technology, you can provide consumers and businesses with a quick, seamless way to establish a relationship with your institution.

Our solution supports your Consumer and Business digital account opening needs with a highly configurable framework, choice of identity verification provider, external account verification and funding, and easy-to-use administrative tool.

Advantages of Digital Account Opening

Digital account opening offers consumers and businesses a seamless process to open accounts in minutes on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Digital account opening supports multiple account types, as well as consumer and business applications, and will facilitate funding of the account.

The solution’s admin tool makes it easy to determine which accounts to approve by collecting information about applicants and/or business and flagging potential fraud.

Our identity verification and screening process includes evaluation of the individual who is performing the application, as well as a separate evaluation of the business, device, IP address, credit score, and more.

The digital account opening process creates users and/or accounts on the core instantly once approved, including evaluating and creating joint owners.

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