Data Portal

Use Insights to Drive Loyalty

Personalize how you connect with your customers or members with Apiture’s Data Portal tool. The tool derives data from your core, platform usage and engagement digital banking preferences, integrated service providers, and data enrichment partners to deliver insights that span various facets of your users’ behavior and their financial activity.

By analyzing banking data with the context of ancillary data sources, the tool surfaces insights that would not otherwise be apparent. Armed with valuable insights about your users, you can devise strategies and act on these strategies all within one interface.

Put Data to Work

Use Data Portal’s dashboards to visualize customer and organizational activity from a high level. The tool’s end-to-end workflow begins by presenting insights, which institutions can use to drill down and transform into audiences that monitor customers with common attributes.

Institutions can then use audiences to drive highly customized campaigns on the digital banking platform or via an external marketing tool to execute unique strategies for connecting with customers.

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