Embedded Banking

Partnerships Can Extend Your Reach

By embedding your financial services into a non-bank partner’s software, you can extend financial services to new users and give existing users new, convenient options for banking with you. Apiture can provide the tools, expertise, and connections to help you build out your embedded banking strategy.

Capitalizing on Partnership Opportunities

Embedded Banking is a win-win strategy for all parties:

Financial institutions can engage with and retain existing users, increase deposits, cross sell in new ways, and reduce costs of new user acquisition.

Non-bank partners can offer valuable, in-demand financial services with a seamless experience for existing users and capitalize on resulting user data to enhance personalization and bolster loyalty.

End users can make financial engagement more seamless, avoid switching between multiple applications, and conveniently control finances.

Why Use Embedded Banking?

Scalable Solutions

Banks or credit unions of any size can take advantage of the embedded banking opportunity.

Ease of Implementation

Apiture provides the technology and implementation services so you can focus on your core business.

Flexible Controls and Delivery

Your partners can customize the level of control over the user experience, allowing them to balance end-user experience with desired speed to market.

Range of Technology Options

Apiture’s suite of innovative integration tools can deliver an experience that works for you, your partners, and your end users.

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