Financial Health

Build Loyalty with Innovative Tools

Drive engagement with tools to help consumers manage money and improve their spending habits and financial acumen with Apiture’s My Spending and My Credit Score features. Seamlessly integrated into your institution’s digital banking platform, these tools give users a holistic view of their finances and credit through spending insights, intelligent auto-categorization, and credit reporting tools. 

Drive Revenue with Consumer Insights

While you provide users with valuable tools they can leverage to increase financial health, you discover important information about their spending patterns and credit viability. Once you learn what services and offers best fit their needs, you can generate targeted marketing campaigns or launch pre-qualified loans to qualified users.

My Spending

Users can track self-selected spending categories, set total spending limits, designate alerts and delivery preferences, and view spending breakdowns through an online and mobile dashboard.

Users can also link all financial accounts in one location, providing them with a consolidated snapshot of their finances.

My Credit Score

Credit score analysis and full credit report monitoring is available to consumers.

The credit reporting dashboard also contains a recommendation engine that allows your bank or credit union to display pre-qualified loans to users based on their credit score.

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