The most modern digital banking platform

As a financial institution executive, you want to give your customers the absolute best banking experience. At Apiture, we can help make that possible. In the past, your branches and location were what set you apart from the competition. Today, your digital channels are just as important. Our team gets it. That’s why over 500 financial institutions count on us every day to deliver a core-agnostic digital banking platform that meets the needs of their consumers.

With Apiture, your customers will experience the latest digital banking technology and enjoy the mobile-focused, user-centric features they’ve come to expect from their bank or credit union. As you continue to grow, we know that you’ll want to have the freedom to choose the technology that best meets the needs of your consumers and allows you to effectively capture more low-cost deposits. The current problem is that you can’t innovate fast enough to make this happen. That’s why we’re here.

Let us show you how we’ve created the most modern digital banking platform.

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Apiture's digital banking platform allows customers to access their accounts on any device they choose.


Apiture Digital Banking has what you need to create a successful experience for your users, all built with the future in mind.

Banking Channels
We’re dedicated to building innovative technology that meets the needs of your users. Our solution goes beyond the standard consumer banking offerings.

  • Easy experience for customers across all platforms, including mobile and voice functionality
  • Customizable user interface across desktop, tablet, mobile and voice devices
With Apiture’s payment solutions, your institution can provide the quick and straightforward payment options your customers crave.

  • Consumer and business bill pay solutions for ease of payment
  • Real-time P2P allows consumers to quickly send and receive payments with others, all within the framework of your digital bank
  • External account transfers provide even more payment options for consumers
Commercial Services
Our commercial digital banking platform provides business customers access to an integrated platform built to address their specific needs.

  • Entitlement management: Allows business banking customers to manage users and tasks
  • Included ACH processing: Allows customers to enjoy more payment flexibility
  • Wire initiation for business banking: Increases the range of transactions businesses can process within your institution’s digital banking experience
  • Positive pay solutions: Allows business banking customers to upload payable files directly to your institution
Financial Management
Your consumers want an easy way to track their spending and help them avoid costly mistakes. You want an intelligent way to market products and features your customers actually want. Apiture IQ gives you the tools to do both.

  • Discover customer insights created from both internal and external sources
  • Enjoy over 100 pre-loaded data views, with the ability to customize your own
  • Target your customers with personalized campaigns based on data like your customers’ mortgage rates or their direct deposits with competitors
  • Increase your institution’s revenue and create value for your customers at that same time