We are defining modern digital banking

With our team of more than 100 engineers, ex-bankers and fintech-savvy leaders, we are pursuing an ambitious goal: to change the future of banking. Headquartered in Wilmington, NC, with an office in Austin, TX, the Apiture team is actively pursuing its mission to transform the way banking is done with our cutting-edge solutions.

This photo shows our team at Apiture.



Our Leadership Team

  • Chris Babcock
    Chief Technology Officer
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  • Christopher Cox
    chris.cox@apiture.com / 720.252.7215
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  • Matt Ellis
    Chief Revenue Officer
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  • Bob Burgarino
    EVP, Professional Services & Strategic Partnerships
    bob.burgarino@apiture.com / 402.515.1972
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  • Daniel Haisley
    EVP, Product
    daniel.haisley@apiture.com / 910.499.0077
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  • David Haslam
    EVP, Customer Experience
    david.haslam@apiture.com / 404.838.8828
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  • Hunter Broadwell
    General Counsel
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  • Ash Good
    EVP, Finance, Risk & Administration
    ash.good@apiture.com / 910.612.1058
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