Attract a New Generation of Customers

If you are ready to attract and retain the next generation of banking customers, you’re going to need a digital banking brand. Chances are you’re seeing your competitors—both big and small—launching digital-only banks aimed at targeting specific audiences with a heavy emphasis on technology. Are you wondering how they do it? Sure, the big banks may have significant resources to dedicate to an undertaking like this, but why can’t you? Our technology makes all of this possible–without any disruption to your current banking platform or operations.

Our digital banking brand platform gives financial institutions like yours access to the full set of online and mobile banking features your customers have come to expect. Our ecosystem provides everything your institution needs to create your very own digital-only bank, while we build, maintain and host the technology on our end. What does this mean for you? More time to focus on serving the next generation of customers we’ve helped you attract.

This graphic shows how Apiture can help you create your own digital banking brand for customers to access on various channels.

What is holding you back?

  • Experiment with digital-only account opening and servicing without interrupting current customer experiences
  • Empower your marketing and digital teams to redefine the customer experience with your institution
  • Apiture’s APIs provide your team with the tools needed to create new, innovative features for the 21st-century customer
  • Integration with cloud-native partners to extend services across both existing channels and new ones
  • Digital-only consumers are looking for real-time interactions and an experience that is not offered by traditional financial institutions

We’ve made it easy for you to start today

  • Native mobile app for your customers: Deliver the mobile banking experience today’s customers want—and expect.
  • Integration with the real-time Finxact core: A modern digital banking system of record (SOR) for secure record keeping and processing of rich transactions with the integrity of system, business and regulatory rules.
  • Leveraging Payrailz for bill pay services: Deliver a forward-thinking electronic bill presentment and payment experience. View your billing information and pay anyone with a choice of delivery times including emergency/immediate, same day, next day, future date, recurring schedule or simply “set it and forget it” with auto-pay capabilities and payment methods.
  • No in-house integration work required: Deliver a superior digital banking experience for your customers—without the hassle of dedicating resources to a drawn-out technical integration.