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Get the integrations and enhancements you need, when you need them, through our streamlined client development request process, expansive fintech partnership ecosystem, and API-first strategy.

Our platform is trusted by hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide for its…

  • Reliability — Run in AWS, our platform has unmatched reliability, with 99.996% availability in 2023.
  • Security — Our platform provides advanced fraud protection and is fully compliant with NACHA, BSA, SOC2, and FFIEC standards.
  • Compatibility — Our solutions integrate with more than 200 fintechs and easily integrate with new partners.
  • Core-agnostic design — Our platform is designed to support your institution, no matter your core.

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Unparalleled Service and Support

Expertise Born from Experience

Apiture’s team has hundreds of years of collective experience at leading U.S. banks and credit unions. Our company offers both the agility of a startup and operational efficiency of a mature company, giving your financial institution the best of both worlds.

A New Level of Support

We provide our hundreds of bank and credit union clients with more attention than other providers, giving you the same level of service and support your users expect from you.

Digital Banking Focus

We’re exclusively focused on digital banking.100% of our resources and R&D are dedicated to partnering with our clients to deliver the most modern, innovative online and mobile solutions. When it comes to digital banking, we do it all — and we don’t do anything else.

See how Apiture and Alabama Credit Union worked as a team to bring a financial health tool into the Apiture platform.

Featured Technology Partners

At Apiture, we’ve integrated our digital banking platform with more than 200 leading fintech providers to deliver best-in-class solutions, and we continue to seek suppliers with innovative products or services that will drive value for community banks and credit unions.

Featured Tech Partners